September 17, 2007

There are no words.

For the past week or so, Noah's blood glucose numbers have been all over the place. Highs in the 300's...lows in the 40's. It's been a real project just trying to get him below 200. Lately, it seems as if the corrections we do for high BG bring on a delayed low so severe, it seems impossible to predict or come back from.

There really are no words - sometimes you have to just say, "what the fuck???"


Chrissie in Belgium said...

Lea, I HAVE been there, and it is so much harder when it is your child than yourself.

Shannon said...

Where did this post come from? I check in all the time.

Anyway, Brendon had gone from one extreme for weeks, to the other extreme that we're still in the midst of now. He's so sensitive to insulin now whereas when he was high, it hardly made a dent.

I think it's the change in seasons.

Lea said...

I can't remember who, (sorry!) but recently someone at tuDiabetes said something like "it's like my pancreas decided to work for a day".
Feel like it sometimes, huh? We just have to adjust, adjust, adjust. At least noone can call us inflexible. :)