October 30, 2007

55, 179, and 313

And that's all before lunch. Noah's home sick with a nasty cold today, and I always get nervous about his blood glucose numbers being all over the place (and rightly so).

No formula, ratio, or fancy math will make a bit of difference with these crazy numbers. The only thing we can do is test like crazy, bolus, and snack.

Getting cozy on the couch helps, too.

keep those germs away!!


Shannon said...

that's rough. It's easier when it's all high or all low. But when it's all over the place like that, like you said, just test-bolus-snack.

Khürt Williams said...

Wow! That would discourage me with number all over the place like that.

Penny Ratzlaff said...

Riley has a cold and cough too. I'm just waiting for his numbers to go crazy too.

Lea said...

I just feel so bad because it's like adding insult to injury. You're sick...now feel crappy on top of it.
Luckily, today he's tons better (hmm, just in time for Tick or Treat) and he's back in school.
Hope Riley's doesn't develop into a full blown cold, and his numbers stay good.