January 4, 2008

Fresh Powder

I made my way in the bitter cold up to the lodge at the ski area, saying a little silent prayer, "please, in the name of all that is holy, let him have a good time with no lows".

It was Noah's first day of ski club. We planned ahead for every possible mishap and blood glucose scenario. Since the kids get on a bus and go right to the mountain after school, I sent him with a grocery store worth of snacks in his bag.

I hoped that he would remember to take his glucose tabs if he felt low on the mountain, instead of making the long trek to the lodge and his test kit.

Did I triple check his pump to make sure he had enough insulin in there, and battery life was ok?

I made my way through the gazillions of kids and adults, convinced something had gone wrong, and that I would find my son sweaty, pale and panicked from a low.

I heard him before I saw him...laughing that incredibly infectious laugh that I love so much. Standing with a friend and his teacher, skis in hand. Already looking like a pro. His smile was a mile wide, and just seeing that sent my anxiety packing...for that moment all thoughts of diabetes, boluses, basal rates, and carb counts were set aside. For that moment, I saw a happy kid on the brink of a new and exciting adventure, and that made the start of my New Year very bright, indeed.


Bernard said...


Thanks for the kind comments, and the funny cat picture!

Hey, if you're ever coming down to the wilds of Massachusetts let me know. I work in Chelmsford, and it would be fun to meet a fellow blogger In Real Life (IRL).

Sandra Miller said...

It's a lot of work-- and a whole lot more worry.

But it's worth every bit of it when you hear that laugh or see one of those mile-wide grins.

Awesome, Lea. :-)

chris bishop said...

That is one of the best feelings, the moment the anxiety and worry falls to the wayside. Sounds like things went well. Hope that his joy and infectious laugh continue.

Shannon said...

We worry so they won't have to :) As long as they are smiling, happy, and carefree, it's worth every bit of preparation and nail biting.

That cat cracks me up.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
We deal w/asthma rather than diabetes, but I know well the tension and relief of sending a child off to new experiences and stressing over whether she'll get the right meds at the right time.

What an eloquent post, and a positive start to your new year. Here's hoping it's a healthy one. :)

George said...

Shoot me an email so we can chat about Palanca!

I am so excited!

De Colores!!!!!