June 2, 2008

Cool little product found in my local Wal-Mart.

Wal-Mart is a necessary evil in my life. I despise that place, yet I found myself there recently.

On a Saturday afternoon.

The plan was to get in (just TRY to block out that screaming 3 year old), pick up a few much needed things (toilet paper and sunblock!), and get the hell out (check-out lines stretched all the way to the Mass. border) with my sanity intact and maybe with some gas money to spare.

That's when, with my hands full, Noah begged me to go down the aisle with the "beach stuff". Juggling our loot, and with the check out in full view, I sighed heavily, and bid adieu to a quick getaway. "On to the beach stuff", I wearily exclaimed.

Amid the insane amount of swimmies, sand-castle making buckets and shovels, and a gazillion towels emblazoned with Iron Man and Hannah Montana, were these cool little things:

They are meant to protect your keys, ID, cash, or small cell phone from water at the beach or boating. I tend to D-purpose items not specifically created for diabetes, (Noah wears his pump in a cell phone case at night)and saw this case as the perfect place to stash some strips and meter. Although nifty, it's not very big, so I bought 2. They do sell bigger versions of these at places like EMS- I got my dad one for kayaking- but at just under $2.oo apiece, these were a great bargain.

Even if I did have to go to the 7th level of hell to get them.


Shannon said...

Is that big enough to hold a pump? Is the bigger one big enough?

I love running into gadgets like that. Thanks for the heads up even if I have to trek to Wally World.

Jillian said...

Wal- Mart...don't we all have a love-hate relationship with that place? Great find though!

Lea said...

if the freestyle was taken off the pump it would fit, but the tubing would get flattened with the case closed up, so it wouldn't be good for wearing- just storing. The larger ones at the outdoor stores could hold all the gear and then some.

Major Bedhead said...

Cool! I may have to look for those the next time I venture into the 7th layer of hell...I mean, Wal-Mart.