July 14, 2009

No Rain

Noah is now a camper. Diabetes camp, to be specific. Being his first time, we had no idea what to expect, but it's been the talk at the dinner table here at our house for months now. Wondering what the cabins will be like, and where all the other kids will be from? Will the food be good? What about the weather? Oh, the weather. The darn rain that has been plaguing us here in New England for the better part of a month straight put all the other worries to shame. Well, all the crossing of fingers must have paid off, because Sunday when we drove down to the camp, it was a gloriously sunny, warm, and DRY day.

No Rain.

We ambled up to the office where we could see counselors and kids milling around...some with pumps and tubing precariously hanging out in the breeze...some not. I looked at Noah, and saw his smile of understanding and recognition. Even as we went through the check in process, and he got to know his cabin mates, you could the bonds of familiarity forming.

After saying good-bye about 100 times, and taking the long drive home, my husband and I sat in our too quiet house wondering if Noah was doing ok. We recapped the day, and talked about our observations. My husband put it perfectly when he said this to me:

"Seeing Noah today at camp, reminded me of that Blind Melon video. Remember the one with the little bee girl? She danced and got laughed at...went all over the place trying to find where she fit in. Finally she found other bees doing their dance, and she was so happy. That's kind of like Noah today at camp."

Noah has found his bees.


meanderings said...

I hope he has a fabulous time!
Fingers crossed for more sunshine.

Ashley said...

diabetes camp was the biggest deal of my childhood. i went every year from third grade until 8th, and then in high school i worked there two summers because i was just so in love with it.

it made a huge difference to be with other kids like me.

p.s. noah found his bees, that's kind of funny to me...my nephew couldn't say diabetes when he was a little buddy and he called it dead bees.

PancreasMom said...

That makes me so happy and hopeful that one day... our son will find bees... and feel great and safe! Thanks for sharing this experience :)

Amy said...

what an amazing...and spot on...description of a first-timer at D camp! I've been lost with mine away at D camp for the first time this year too, so thinking about him with his 'bees (LOL) makes it a bit easier to deal with--the good news is that it does seem to be holding out weather-wise up there in Oxford...so the kids must be having a blast!