March 18, 2008

Everything was going so well.

Something major is going on, but I'm so afraid to post about it. It has to do with a problem at school, but I don't want to get certain people in trouble. You never know who's reading. All I can say is there is someone giving us shit about in class testing.

I never expected to hit such a roadblock, especially with the effort so many people have put into making testing as safe as possible.

It's being taken care of, but man am I angry and hurt.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear that; it's so unfair. Testing is burden enough, without a single other thing added to it.

I hope it's resolved quickly and easily, and never happens again.

Paige said...

I hate to hear this...I hope that everything is resolved.

Anonymous said...

No child who is capable of checking his/her own bg should miss valuable classroom instruction time for a 10 second check.

FIGHT IT. There's NO risk of bloodborne pathogens from a simple in class bg check. The drop of blood is so tiny. Make sure your son uses only one lancet at school so no one will get another lancet. Make sure he wipes whatever blood there is on a tissue or napkin kept in the meter case. Make sure he disposes of strips at home. Then they have NOTHING to complain about.

(((((BIG HUGS)))

If they won't allow bg checking in the classroom, they can't allow anyone to scratch a mosquito bite, pick a scab or bite a nail because it may bleed a tiny bit!

If they insist your son has to leave class, insist all classroom instruction will cease until he returns because he's entitled to the same education as every other student in the class.

Sandra Miller said...

Man, I know what you mean about feeling hurt by this kind of challenge.

It feels like a betrayal, really.

Lea, do you have a 504 plan in place?

If so, then no one can stop Noah from testing in class.

If you don't have a 504-- you can still win this fight. A year after Joseph's diagnosis-- when we only had a Diabetes Health Management Plan, and were dealing with a nurse who was staunchly opposed to it -- I got the school to let Joseph test in class.

If you need any help at all -- or just want to rant without fear of who's reading -- please feel free to email me directly.

Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear you have to go through this! My mom and I decided I wanted to test in class when I went in to junior high and we never expected the months it took to finally get that right. we eventually had to report the school before they would budge. Are they claiming the testing puts other students in danger?? That's what my school did.. absolutely ridiculous. But I'm glad you got through it, though it definitely hurts.

Lea said...

Thank you everyone for your supporting words - they really do mean so much, and all your advice is a gift.

I haven't heard any more on the subject, so I think the letter I wrote straightened it all out (hopefully).

Thanks again. :)