March 12, 2008

You know that song...

...Next thing you know

Shawty got low low low low low low low low...

All the kids are listening to that song these days so it's only natural that it's running through my head like a soundtrack since last night when Noah's blood sugars dropped and refused to come up. Between 9 pm and 1 this morning, this is what he went through.


74-juice and glucose tabs

51- juice and a packet of smartees

He finally came up to a reasonable number and was able to get some sleep, but it was a weird and unexpected trend and completely out of the blue. He usually flies a bit on the high side after treating a low, so for it not to come up was frustrating. I'm so thankful he is aware of his lows - that is something positive I can at least hang on to, because it's easy to get discouraged in dealing with these unexplainable happenings of this disease.


Jillian said...

I shouldn't be laughing, but I am. The use of that song in this context is just somehow amusing.
Sorry about the rough night, but you're right it's great that Noah detects his lows. The unexplained lows would be so much worse if he couldn't.

Shannon said...

It's frustrating to have to treat lows repeatedly like that.

I wish D was a docile, well trained pet. You feed it tabs and it does what you want.

Oh, to dream.