March 27, 2009

Strange Coincidence or Something More?

The Boston Channel

I have no way to embed this, so bear with me and click on the link above to view the video.

I saw this story on my local news last night, and I'm not surprised to learn about the large clusters of Type 1 diabetes in certain areas at all. I for one, don't think it's a coincidence that these kids are grouped together, and I absolutely believe that something in their environment has been the " type 1 trigger." What that is could certainly be different for Noah than for these kids, but I feel in my gut that it's always caused by doesn't just happen out of nowhere. I'd love to know everyone's thoughts on this.


Hannah said...

I hate diabetes with every fiber of my being. I have a strong Type 2 thread in my family and a very miniscule Type 1 thread (my son is 10). I don't yet have an opinion on whether there are environmental factors at play but I do wonder about it. I constantly wonder and worry about my other child also.

Sandra Miller said...

Lea, we live in an area where there are large clusters of kids with type 1.

Joseph was diagnosed three years after we moved here. Sometimes I wonder if things would have been different for him had we stayed in Chicago or gone elsewhere... I don't know.

And like Hannah, I worry too about my other child.

pancreasmom said...

I have firmly felt like my sons trigger was environmental and triggered by 'things' in his life and where we live. I too wonder if we lived somewhere else would it have happend this way? I have to tell myself yes, and not regret a moment of anything, because as much as i too am upset and beyond that my son got diabetes (and he hates it too) I can't look back, only forward. and ultimately be thankful for each day - even when they suck!

A few block from us (different school district) 6 kids were diagnosed within 2 years of eachother, and all were best friends, and lived within 6 blocks of one another. (one family was hit so hard the mom got late onset type 1 diabetes and both daughters got it as well)... ironically we have yet to find a diabetic in our school district... and as much as I wish for a little buddy for my son to hang with who has a deeper understanding of what he goes through... unselfishly, I am glad I have not heard of more diagnoses in our immediate area.

I too blame the enviromental things and viruses around us.. after all - you've got to blame it on something... blame it on the rain ;)

Momof4 said...

I truly believe something is triggering this as well!!!

Shamae (Ghost written by Loren her hubby) said...

Hi Lea--Thanks for your comment on my blog. That is perfectly fine to add my blog to your blogger list.

This was an interesting video. I am interested to see what her research produces.