July 24, 2008

Is Barney in charge, here?

We all love the Deltec Cozmo pump. It's super easy to use, and making adjustments is as simple as programming say, a cell phone.

In 26 months since the Florida Incident, we've had zero problems with the pump, until the other day Jon was doing a site change, and noticed a crack in the pump casing. It hasn't affected the way the pump works or anything, but we don't disconnect Noah for swimming, or the beach and that crack would let water in for sure.
I made the call to Smiths Medical, and arranged to have a replacement pump in slate grey sent here next day air.
It arrived yesterday and you would have thought Santa came early! Noah hopped around the kitchen while I undid the tape on the box to reveal...

A purple pump. wah-wah-waaaah.

I had to laugh, because Noah looked so comically offended. His face was a priceless mix of confusion and dibelief that the Cozmo people had overlooked the fact this pump was meant for a macho boy of 10. Even when I called customer service, the nice woman I spoke to chuckled, and said, "oh no, he got the "Barney Purple one"!

Much to Noah's relief, a new pump in a color more suitable to him is on it's way.


Shannon said...

LMAO. I would give anything for a chance to see Noah's face when the pump was revealed to him.