October 16, 2008

One Day.

Noah at Disney World, 2005

I had a dream last night that we were at Disney, and Noah didn't have his pump. Jon and I were frantic. We emptied the suitcases, and looked all over the hotel room, and Noah kept saying "I don't need it today. Today, we're in Disney, and there's no diabetes here."

Pretty weird dream, considering the fact that our family vacation in Disney in 2005, is the time I think about the most as our "BD time"(Before Diabetes). It was before the biggest change in our lives to date, and I think back to that time often. We were so blissfully unaware of what was about to hit us.

I've always said I wanted one of those dream interpretation books, so I can find the hidden meaning behind dreams. The meaning behind this one, I know is a no- brainer.

I want one more BD day.

If you could have one day with no diabetes- that's 24 hours free from testing, boluses, counting carbs, feeling the dizzying lows and headach-ey highs, tubing and syringes- how would you spend your time that day? What would you do? What would you eat? Would you go anywhere special? How do you think it would feel?


meanderings said...

If you can make it happen, I'll give my day to Noah!

Lea said...

aw Colleen, I'm going to cry! :)

Ashley said...

if i were able to have one day, i would not be able to enjoy it. because for the first two hours i'd go carb crazy, and then i would realize all i wanted was one more, and one more.

so i'll give noah my day too. maybe we can get him a little vacation instead of a day off.