July 30, 2007

Up All Night

I always have trouble getting to sleep, so I usually set the timer on my TV, and drift off to the sound of Alton Brown or Stephen Colbert.

Last night, I was on the brink of sleep when I heard shuffling from Noah's room- then his skinny silhouette was in my doorway.

"Mom, I can't sleep"

Are you low, honey?

"no, but I'm wicked thirsty"

We better check your blood sugar, you were on the high side all day...

"I'm FINE mom" (at this point, I'm convinced he's high because he's arguing and being an all around little snot)

I finally convince him that it's in his best interest to just let me do it, so after I dropped the lancing device twice coming down the hall, and pricked my own finger by accident, I managed to get a drop of blood from him that might as well have been an Everlasting Gobstopper... the reading was off the charts. Literally ,the Cozmonitor readout said BG OVER 500.

Holy crap, I groaned. We have to try another finger to make sure dude.

Again BG OVER 500. I gave him the correction, and tucked him back in.

Now I'm wide awake and thinking to myself that I need to stay up and check him in like an hour and a half to make sure he doesn't go low like he always does after a correction. Time to grab the clicker and channel surf.

This is how the rest of the night went:

12:30 a.m.: Watched 10 minutes of Forrest Gump

12:40 a.m. : landed on the Godfather for a few

1:00 a.m.: Switched to HGTV and watched 2 hours of Design Star ...( I'm loving Josh Sparkle, and that Robb guy is a major jackass bully.)

2:15 a.m.: the cat got up on the bed and got all comfy- on my bladder.

2:30 a.m. : got up to pee...

2:35: checked Noah's BG and it was 248 (eff!) correction again.

2:40 a.m.: back to bed, and still wide awake. My husband rolled over and started mumbling in his sleep, so of course I had to poke him awake and share the fact that I was still awake and he needed to share my pain.

He snored in my face and rolled over saying, "I'll do the next check".

If I could marry him again, I would!

July 27, 2007

Making New Friends

Today, Noah and I had the pleasure of meeting Shannon and her unbelievably adorable kids, Brendon, Jessica and Jacob from Mom Wants a Diabetes Cure. We connected on TuDiabetes, in the "Parents of kids with Type 1 group. It just so happens that we live really close, and decided we'd get the kids together and meet.

We went to an indoor playground, so the kids could have fun and we could swap d-stories- and because it's about 567 degrees farenheit outside and th is place had AC!! So off they all went, stopping only to have a snack and squeal crazily (Noah) "wow!!!! we have the exact same pump!!!!" It was great for Noah. Brendon is only the 2nd kid he's known with diabetes. It was like they have this unspoken understanding of each other right away.

Shannon and her kids are awesome, and I feel like we all hit it off really well. It was so nice to talk with her- she is very easy going and fun, and had me in stitches a couple times!

So thanks, guys!!! We had a great time, and we'll have to do it again real soon!

July 26, 2007

Worst. Post. Ever.

I just sat down with my medium Dunkin Donuts iced coffee, to write a pretty well thought out blog post. At the exact same time, my neighbor's landscaper revved up the most heinous and loudest mower I've ever heard and everything im my head flitted out. Just like that.

July 13, 2007


I have the diabetes blues.
With Noah's birthday being just last week, I've been thinking about my pregnancy and his birth alot lately.
From the very moment I found out we were going to have a baby, I was elated, but that feeling was laced with worry. Will we be good parents? Will he sleep through the night? What happens if he sticks a Cheerio up his nose?

What if he gets sick?

While I realize good health and good fortune is never guaranteed, I firmly believe there is a purpose behind every life moment. We do not have total control , but we have been given a strength that comes from deep within, and is mostly hidden until we need to tap into it.

This kind of positive thinking only gets me so far. There have been numerous times over the years when my resolve dwindled to non-existent proportions and that well of strength ran dry.

Diabetes is at the very least, something I can sort of control. Even so, knowing that you have to do everything just right (and sometimes even THAT is not good enough) and if you mess up, you could put your child at serious risk is at times too much for me to handle.

I am flawed, and that terrifies me.

July 9, 2007

We made it through another birthday party!

With real honest-to-goodness sugary cake and ice cream and everything!! We took the comments like: "is he supposed to haaaaave that?" and "diabetics aren't supposed to haaaaave cake"! in stride and had a PARTY!
You only turn 9 once. Next year I'm making him a shirt that says "I BOLUS FOR CAKE"!