July 9, 2007

We made it through another birthday party!

With real honest-to-goodness sugary cake and ice cream and everything!! We took the comments like: "is he supposed to haaaaave that?" and "diabetics aren't supposed to haaaaave cake"! in stride and had a PARTY!
You only turn 9 once. Next year I'm making him a shirt that says "I BOLUS FOR CAKE"!


Shannon said...

Happy Belated Birthday Noah!!

Major Bedhead said...

Happy birthday, Noah!

O keeps saying she wants a shirt that says "Yes, I can eat that." Heh.

Bernard said...

That's what we need. A few good t-shirts. "Cake + Insulin = Happy Birthday". One of my favorite T-shirts is "Diabetes - the Thinking Person's Disease".

Happy Birthday Noah that looks like a scrumptious cake.

Anonymous said...
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Erin D. said...

Oh, don't you love it when other people think they know better for your own child? Sheesh. You are doing great Lea! :O)

Happy Birthday Noah you cutie!