July 27, 2007

Making New Friends

Today, Noah and I had the pleasure of meeting Shannon and her unbelievably adorable kids, Brendon, Jessica and Jacob from Mom Wants a Diabetes Cure. We connected on TuDiabetes, in the "Parents of kids with Type 1 group. It just so happens that we live really close, and decided we'd get the kids together and meet.

We went to an indoor playground, so the kids could have fun and we could swap d-stories- and because it's about 567 degrees farenheit outside and th is place had AC!! So off they all went, stopping only to have a snack and squeal crazily (Noah) "wow!!!! we have the exact same pump!!!!" It was great for Noah. Brendon is only the 2nd kid he's known with diabetes. It was like they have this unspoken understanding of each other right away.

Shannon and her kids are awesome, and I feel like we all hit it off really well. It was so nice to talk with her- she is very easy going and fun, and had me in stitches a couple times!

So thanks, guys!!! We had a great time, and we'll have to do it again real soon!


Major Bedhead said...

Very cool. We've met a couple of times, too - she's great.

Shannon said...

aw thanks you two :D

I'm trying to get my post put together. I'm glad you thought the same as me about the meet up.

Anonymous said...

I have been able to meet a couple of d-bloggers - isn't it fun?!?! Never laughed so much about diabetes in my life!!