August 31, 2007

A Sigh Of Relief

Yesterday, we met with the school nurse and Noah's new teacher to work out his diabetes care plan for the year, as his classroom location and schedule has changed and that all factors in with his d-management.

I just have to say, it's a great feeling when you see the school nurse and your child run at each other and give a big ol hug. I can't say enough good about this woman-she is our angel!

Ok...back to the story. So after catching up a bit, the teacher (Miss C.)arrived and we sat down with our notebooks, folders, reading material, pump manual, class schedule, orders from the doctor...the list goes on!
Miss C. was very interested in learning about diabetes, and before the nurse or I could open our mouths, Noah launched into his explanation and it slowly dawned on me that my kid knows his stuff! I actually sat there with my mouth hanging open waiting to offer a snippet of information in case he got caught up, but I didn't have to. He was absolutely clear and accurate, explaining how his pancreas is "broken" and he "uses his robotic pancreas to help him survive". The twinge of sadness in my heart I feel knowing that he has to carry all this stuff in his head was temporarily overridden by the pride I felt at how eloquent and confident he was at that moment. As I looked at Miss C., listening so intently, I knew that she saw Noah just as I did right then, and I knew we just added a new member to our d-club.


Shannon said...

Miss C was probably just as amazed at his knowledge.

It's good to know she'll be attentive to his needs. I really hope it all works out this year. If your instinct tells you so, then it most likely will.

Penny Ratzlaff said...

I'm glad to hear that things went well.

My boy's first week of school has been rough sugar-wise. But, his teacher has been awesome. It means so much.

Bernard said...

That's great. I know it seems like a burden, but Noah sounds like he's a smart kid and I'll bet it helps him more than anything else.

I hope the first week at school went well. We're in the middle of ours here.

Unknown said...

Noah seems like he's a really bright and sweet kid, and I'm glad "Mama C" makes the cut as part of the D-club.

(Breathe) Sigh of relief.

Chrissie in Belgium said...

Kids are amazing! You have a lot to be proud of! Nevertheless it must feel good to know you can count on Mama C! That is nice both for Noah and you!

Shannon said...


Whatchu been up to? Busy with renovations?

AmyT said...

Hi Lea,

Wow, that's awesome that your school nurse is so supportive. That's vital!

btw, have you found me yet over at I'd love it if you'd visit, and maybe add me to your blogroll.

All the best,