August 30, 2007

Today, we meet the new teacher

And I will do my best not to sound like a total, controlling, hyper-sensitive, crazed bitch of a mutha.

I have been rehearsing what to say in my mind, knowing that I will have to at some point address that what happened last year will not be tolerated by us. All we're looking for is a little more understanding from the teacher this year. The school nurse (love her!) has already told me that the new teacher is wonderful, and she's sure it will be a good match for Noah and his needs.

I feel like he's almost graduated to a new level of his own care. Over the summer he showed us how responsible he has become with testing, counting carbs and using his pump. He will be taking this new independence with him into 4th grade, and I'm so proud of him. It will be less hands-on for the nurse, but knowing that she is still very attentive and involved totally sets my mind at ease.

With a little luck and lots of communication, I'm hoping this year will be the best one yet!


Shannon said...

How did it go?

Lea said...

Really great! I'm making a post right now :)