February 5, 2008

How did the accident happen?

Yesterday, as I stood in my kitchen chugging water after just getting home from the gym, the phone rang.

My stomach did a little flip-flop when I glanced at the caller ID, and saw the school nurse's number on the screen.

Apparently my son thinks he's Evel Knievel and fell off the monkey bars while doing a "stunt". The nurse said that even though the cut on his ear was not large, it was still bleeding , and was deep enough to possibly warrant a suture.

Why do these things always happen when I'm completely disheveled??- at least I wasn't still in my pajamas. I showered (barely) and ran to collect my son. He was grinning from ear to ear as he told me of his incredible acrobatics, and the patch of ice that foiled his perfect landing off the monkey bars.

I tried calling the doctor's office, while simultaneously driving there, and they were at lunch. Noone was in the office (how can that be??) so my only option was to just show up.
We ended up in the waiting room for an hour. :P

Our doctor patched him up...no stitches were needed. He asked Noah how the diabetes was going , and if he liked his pump- and that was it. Took all of 5 minutes. He has some steri-strip tape holding it closed , and he can't get it wet for 4 days. I'm wondering how he'll wash his hair?

I'm glad he's okay, and it wasn't a broken bone or something. His sense of humor is completely intact, as evidenced by his comment on the way home:

"I'm like Van Gogh, now."


Shannon said...

Ouch. It's good thing he didn't break his nose.

Call me stoopid, but I don't get the Van Gogh reference. Pleez esplain.

Anonymous said...

I am guessing the cut is by his ear - which Van Gogh took it upon himself to cut off.

Shannon said...

Ahhh OK. For some reason I was thinking the cut was on his forehead.

Lea said...

Sorry, I had a brain fart. Yes, it was his ear!

Sandra Miller said...

Cool that Noah is hep to Van Gogh.:-)