February 7, 2008

Fill er' up.

I have always been a "glass half empty" person. Sometimes, the smallest inconvenience can send me into a crying, shouting frenzy of panic and anger. So not cool.

I realize that's not the best way to live, so recently, I have been on a personal quest to learn to chill, and enjoy life to the fullest. So many things have happened in the past couple years that make life appear as less enjoyable, never ending drudgery. Learning to adjust my thinking - not to automatically assume or expect the worst in life has been tough. It's as if it's engrained into us as a society that bitching and moaning about life is more acceptible than loving life. That somehow, if you're truly happy and you want to share that with others, you're a fake and a phony. I'm beginning to see that is the furthest thing from the truth.

What I'm finding out, is that it's imperative to my well-being and that of everyone around me, to be enthusiastic, content, adventurous and fearless. That in becoming a "glass half FULL" person, I will bring that fullness into all areas of my life, and to all the people I care about. Like emotional osmosis.

We'll all be able to handle whatever comes our way- whether it includes combatting type 1, the rising cost of gas, impending teenage angst...it will all be embraced with optimism and a knowledge that it will make me, him & us stronger.