June 22, 2007

"Can you hear me now?"

I swore I'd never allow my young child to have a cell phone. It was just one of those things that made me kind of an old-fashioned mother. No cell phone. No DVD player in the car, etc. No matter how much Noah begged for the last couple years, (let me remind you, he's only almost 9) My answer was always the same; "when you get older and are doing more after-school stuff, then you can get one."

2 days ago, I got my almost 9 year old a cell phone. I had to cave and go against everything I've been saying for years. It's strictly for medical reasons - so he can stay in touch with me during his day camp this summer. I feel good about it. My husband and I are pretty confident that he'll be responsible, but in the back of my mind I remember what it's like to be almost 9 with a new cool toy (even though mom and dad have STRESSED that it's not a toy) and showing off to friends is going to happen. He will geek out with that phone and I'm sure a lesson or two will be learned within the first week, (son, DO NOT text the word "boobs" to your friends) but it's a small price to pay for my piece of mind.


Penny Ratzlaff said...


It's Penny from tudiabetes. Just wanted to say that I'm enjoying your blog and ,if it's OK, I'm going to add a link to your blog from mine.

Lea said...

Hi Penny! Thank you so much, I'm happy you like it. Link away!!
I'd like to do the same, if that's ok?
Thanks again!

Bernard said...


I'm going to add you to my blogroll also. You're doing a great job on your blog here.

If you ever want to get together let me know. I'm in Littleton, MA, so not from NH.

Lea said...

Hi Bernard!
Is Littleton near Groton? My husband has friends in that area I think, so yeah not too far at all. We're practically neighbors :)

If not a mother... said...

hi - I've added you to my blogroll, TOO!

Minnesota Nice said...

Welcome. The OC is a wonderful source of information and encouragement!

Khürt Williams said...

My son is just eight and we thought we would never have to deal with this. My wife told he came home this week and asked for his own email account and a cell phone.

Working in computer security I know the dangers of our increasing electronic world and he won't have a cell phone or email account until I can lock it down.

Major Bedhead said...

Hi Lea. I saw your blog on Bernard's, so I thought I'd stop by and say hello. I have a 12 year-old daughter with type 1 - she's had it for almost 10 years.

Welcome to the OC!

Shannon said...


I saw your blog in Penny's links and thought I'd stop by like everyone else it seems!

My son is 7 with Type 1 and I had thought about when would be a good time to buy him a cell phone. I think 9 is a good age (I'm even going as far as maybe 8, but we'll see).

It'll be good to read about a boy who is around Brendon's age.

Shannon said...

Hey, I just checked out your profile and found that your from NH too!!

OMG...if you'd like, contact me...my email address is:


I love to go to Hampton Beach, btw.

LORI said...

Hi Lea,

Just catching up on some reading I missed from the weekend and saw Bernard's mention of your new blog. Welcome, I will be adding yours to my blogroll if that's all right. :)


Shannon said...

Hi Lea,

I don't know if you checked my reply to you in my own comments, so I'll just repeat and say to definitely contact me and we'll get the boys together. I think it would great for them to meet. We can make it a beach day if you'd like. I'm itching to get there myself!

(you saw that I left my email address in this comment thread, right?)