June 18, 2007


Today is the very first day of summer vacation. We slept til' 9:00 and Noah's blood sugar at that time was kinda low at 68. Looks like the alarm will have to be set to keep him from sleeping right through a low.
I wonder why sometimes he feels very low and tests at around 100 (or even higher) and other times, he's in the 50's and 60's and says he feels perfectly fine. That I will never understand. I'm all about the rhyme and reason behind things, and this disease offers neither. It can be frustrating at times.
This week it's all about being lazy, because next week starts the running around and constant activity of day camp.
We have a beach day planned for tomorrow seeing as it will be very hot here. I am thinking about disconnecting Noah's pump for the day so we don't have a repeat of the "Florida Incident" as it is now affectionately called. I just think one day of freedom splashing in the ocean without something attached to your butt is totally worth a couple injections. I want Noah to be able to get very salty, very sandy and very happy.


Shannon said...

When Brendon says he feels low and I test him at say a 100, I think it's that he's rapidly dropping and we just happened to catch it at a decent number.

Brendon has said he feels fine when he was a 25!!

Diabetes can play funny games like that. That's why I never say he's crying wolf or take his word that he feels fine. I always check.

And I also have some beach days planned as well. I detach and bolus as needed while we're there.

Anonymous said...

As you know, my dad has type II diabetes. He started on insulin injections and doesn't understand why his blood sugar doesn't stablize.

He thinks he's unusual. He'll feel better if he realizes this is a commonly experienced by diabetics.