June 29, 2007

Fun at Day Camp!


The first week of day camp for Noah is officialy over, and it was a huge success. I was so worried that he would panic if something didn't go "just right" with his pump, or using his new cell phone to call me with blood sugars. He did brilliantly. My husband and I could not be prouder of how responsible he is. Yep, our baby is growing up.

I am doubly happy that on Wednesday they took a field trip to a local outdoor function facility with a big pool for all the kids to go swimming, and he wore Cozmo in the pool---AND IT WORKED! woo hoo!

Getting him to wear it proved to be harder than I thought. My second blog post here told the story of our misadventure in Florida regarding the pump in the pool, and Noah was sure that his pump would fail again.

I reassured him that if something happened like before, we could get another one right away and that I would be chaperoning and ready to help if he needed me.

He ended up having a great day and spending all of it swimming, which is how it's supposed to work! :)

He is making new friends as well, and learning that he really can do everything the other kids are doing...he just has to plan a little more than some people. I think he's getting the hang of it. I'm glad he is, because I know one day he's going to do it all by himself and that will be bittersweet for me knowing that I taught him well enough to let him.


Shannon said...

Sweet relief, right? Now he'll know all of the ins and outs of how to deal with day camp and if he isn't already a pro, he will be soon when it comes to managing his diabetes.

He must feel so proud of himself for handling everything so well.

And most of all, he's having fun!!

Major Bedhead said...

That's the goal, as bittersweet as it is. I felt those same feelings when O started doing more and more of her own care. But then I realized that I was really, really good at this, that I'd done a great job teaching her and that because of that, she was now going to be able to take care of herself really well.

Is this a camp for kids with diabetes or just a regular camp? It sounds like he had a great time!

Lea said...

I think we as parents all deserve a huge high 5, and maybe a nursing degree! lol
This is regualr old day camp with the kids in town and from school. I'm not ready to send him away yet to overnight camp- I'm such a wuss!