November 26, 2007


First, to get it out of my system:
New England Patriots 11-0!!!!!

Thanksgiving blood sugars for Noah were unbelievable. I mean, spot on perfection even with all the rich food, and pie and constant grazing throughout the day. There was almost no effort involved (a couple things we even guesstimated on the carbs) and never did they go above 150. I couldn't believe it!!!

I wish every day with diabetes for Noah could be as effortless as that day- last night a 327 came along and bit us all in the ass. We were all taken by surprise by that one. I sometimes wonder if his BG meter just spits out random high numbers, so I will have him re-test and use more strips and have to buy more, making the strip companies that much richer...

Conspiracy theories aside, save for that weird high, it was a great long weekend full of family and friends. As we recapped the events,my husband and I were saying how carefree the d- management was this year, and it dawned on us that it's Noah's first Thanksgiving on the pump. It seems like he's been on it forever, but it's been just under a year.

It's a bit of a sad feeling of acceptance. That thing that was so foreign and scary to us not so long ago has become a (sometimes)seamless and integral part of daily life for all of us. Is has become so routine.
Just like they told us at the hospital - like brushing your teeth, it will become automatic, and they were so right.

This is our life, far from flawless, but I believe it's the way we are meant to live it.


meanderings said...

Just wanted to say hi - I just found your blog. I continue to be awed by parents like you!