November 14, 2007

Good Morning

I'm not a morning person. I wake up early every day, and it is completely against my nature to do so. So today was no different- I opened my eyes and cursed under my breath (damn, it's cold!) and half-slid, half-fell out of bed.
I went to wake up Noah and help him pick out his outfit. He opened his eyes and beamed with his great big smile, and sprang out of bed ready to start his day.

In stark contrast, I plodded down the hallway to the kitchen, bleary eyed and sounding a bit like Ozzy as I grumbled back over my shoulder, "deodorant...don't forget to put on droderennnnt".
Over breakfast when Noah was testing his blood sugar, he flashed that smile again and then he said something that woke me right the heck up.

"I love my life".

"What did you say, Noah"? Again, he flashed that smile and said "I love my life". And then "click"! Went the lancet thing.

Immediately, my fog lifted and I was fully awake and beaming myself. "I'm so happy you feel that way, Noah - you're pretty awesome!" I slapped him a high five but in my head was going over those 4 words over and over, amazed. With all the crap he has to go through every day, the fact that he can say that, and honestly mean it is just...

...I love my son.


Bernard said...


That's such a wonderful gift. It seems appropriate for World Diabetes Day. Your Noah is someone special.

Lea said...

Thank you Bernard :)

Sandra Miller said...

Bernard is so right-- a wonderful gift, indeed.

Noah sounds like a terrific kid.