April 16, 2008

Dear Noah,

Thank you for my breakfast this morning! It was so thoughtful and special of you to make coffee and pick out the perfect granola bar. I'm such a lucky mom. Don't grow up, ok?
Love & Kisses,


Shannon said...

WOW! That is the best thing to wake up to. What a great kid.

Did it make you cry?

Anonymous said...

That is truly the sweetest thing, when a child does something so thoughtful.

Carey said...

Very nice.

Lea said...

I welled up a little. ;)

Bernard said...


Noah is a special kid. I was so glad to meet with him recently in Boston.

Bernard said...

Long time no hear from, I hope that Noah is doing well.

Am I going to see you all this year? Two meetup events in March, check out my blog for details.