April 21, 2008

Great News!!

Noah was part of a project last year to raise awareness about diabetes called "Word In Your Hand". About a month ago, our friend Manny Hernandez, founder of TuDiabetes.com, asked if Noah's image from that project could be used in an awareness/advertising campaign with LifeScan, makers of OneTouch glucose meters. Today is the very first day of that campaign.

Click to watch the video (Noah is pictured early on, and his hand word is stress) http://onetouchdiabetes.com/sharing.html

This news comes in tandem with the exciting announcement of a partnership between TuDiabetes and OneTouch which is explained in detail here.

I'm super excited about this- not only because Noah is a part of it, but because it will help bring more people with diabetes to a wonderfully helpful, educational and vibrant community.


Shannon said...

That's awesome!! Congratulations to Noah!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you and Noah!