April 10, 2008

Feelin' Good

MB on the big screen

Tuesday night, my mom and I went to that Michael Buble concert I mentioned before. We had a blast. He puts on an awesome show, and is so funny, charming, and totally dreamy.

Too bad the guy next to us didn't think so.

We had seats on the floor with a nice view of the stage. Because we were early getting settled in our seats, we struck up a conversation with a very nice woman sitting next to my mom. We shared stories about different trip we've all taken, and concerts we've been to. The woman's husband joined her while we were talking, and the opening act came out. He ended up switching seats with his wife and was next to my mom at that point.
The opener was a group of guys called "Naturally 7". They were really amazing and talented singers, in addition to that though, they "played" all the instruments with their voices. One guy did the drum sounds, another guy did bass, etc. it was incredible!! They got a deserved and crazy loud standing ovation. (check out the video below)

Once their set was over, there was a short pause, and the lights came up. That's when he started- they guy next to my mom. He was in a near-rage: "what was that crap?... Oh, boy...was that crap!... I will NEVER see a Michael Buble concert again if this is the kind of nonsense he's going to open with...I couldn't even understand a word".

My mom and I just looked at each other, astonished. Picture this guy- head on a swivel, shouting his displeasure to anyone within earshot, and NOBODY agreeing with him. ha!! He went on like that for what seemed like an eternity, finally dropping down to a grumble.

Michael Buble took the stage, and Mister Nastypants actually cracked a half-smile: "THAT'S more like it".

Michael sang a couple of songs, then addressed the crowd in his charming way:
"How's everyone doing tonight? How'd you all like Naturally 7? Weren't they great?"

We all cheered our approval, and then in that instant during a quiet lull, our guy yelled in a booming voice that no doubt carried over the heads of the crowd, right up to the stage:

We and everyone around us were completely horrified, and I felt so badly for his wife- the nice and pleasant woman we enjoyed talking to earlier was obviously embarrassed. She had been so excited to see this show, and her husband was putting a black mark on that for her. Poor lady. They ended up leaving halfway through the show.

We didn't let Mister Nastypants ruin it for us, and had an awesome time! We even ran down the center aisle for the encore, and got super close. I got a nice bit of video but it's stuck on my phone!

Mom & Me waiting for MB

Here's the viedo of the opening act, Naturally 7. That heckler guy was off his rocker.
So incredibly cool! Naturally 7:


Shannon said...

OMG. What a miserable jerk that guy was. I love the kind of a cappella music that Naturally 7 does. He IS off his rocker.

I'm glad you had a good time despite the interruptions.

Major Bedhead said...

I LOVE a capella music. Love. It. If you're a fan of them, you should check out Straight, No Chaser or Rockapella or The Brown Derbies. All excellent. I've never heard of the group you saw, but I'm off to check them out now.

I hate people like that. They ruin it for everyone. His poor wife....

Lea said...

At one point, his wife leaned across and said to us "he's a musician, so this kind of stuff drives his crazy."

I was like HUH???? It's always been my opinion that the human voice is the most exquisite instrument of all.
Julia, I will check out those groups for sure. I love a capella too! I've always dreamed of singing in a group like that.